Timothy (Teo) Potts, L.Ac.

My journey towards health, both personally and professionally, began at a very young age. My great aunt was a curandera who passed on to her descendants some of her knowledge and wisdom to help keep the family healthy and whole. When I was twelve, my mother became a massage therapist. As she learned, she taught my sister and I how to listen to a body’s pain and guide it back towards wellness. Many times in my life, she has told me that in order to treat pain one must “touch the pain” instead of ignoring or avoiding it. These experiences laid the foundation that all the medical training to come would be laid upon.

As I followed my life’s path, I have been guided by a desire to feel whole, complete, happy and at peace. When I studied massage at the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley, my mother’s teachings were deepened and integrated with the new things I learned.  Years of intense study at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine (ACTCM) equipped me with tools that allow me to see the depths of the human body, to see more clearly how imbalance deep within the body manifests and guides practitioner and patient toward wholeness, balance and health.

Since graduating from ACTCM in 2005, I have worked as an Herb Consultant for Mayway Corp, a family run business that has been importing and distributing Chinese herbs and herbal products for over 40 years. At Mayway, I have helped hundreds of practitioners around the country choose the right formula from among hundreds of formulas for their patients. Working in such close constant contact with herbs has developed my skills as an herbalist.  It has shown me that I am part of a tradition of medicine that has been honed, polished and improved upon for thousands of years. When I practice acupuncture and herbal medicine,  I rely not only on my skills, but the skill and experience of thousands of masters who have passed their wisdom and knowledge on to the practitioners of today.

The everyday process of keeping my son healthy and happy helps me to see very keenly that the balance of health and wholeness is most easily kept when it is an everyday practice. The sooner “dis”-ease is noticed and attended to, the less there is to be done to return to the body to health. My experience as a father has taught me that close attention to the wellbeing of others is at the root of what it means to be a family. In Chinese, the word for family also means home. It is my deepest hope that my clinic will feel like a second home for my patients, a calm space where I will pay close attention to their wellbeing, empower them to find healing and peace within themselves, and help them to feel more whole than when they arrived.


Clinical Integration with Lonny Jarrett, L.Ac.
2 year post-graduate course
American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco
Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Thai Massage School Shivagakomarpag at the Old Medicine Hospital, Chang Mai, Thailand
– Certificate in Thai Massage

Acupressure Institute, Berkeley
Certificate in Asian Bodywork

University of California Los Angeles, School of The Arts
Bachelor of Arts Degree

Clinical Experience

Private Practice since 2006

Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences since 2014
– Clinical Supervisor and Instructor

Haight Asbury Free Clinic
-Community Acupuncture Clinic

California Pacific Medical Center
-Integrative Stroke Rehabilitation Floor

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Community Clinic

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