Acupuncture involves the use of very fine, sterile needles to stimulate selected points throughout the body. The these points are chosen based on an assessment of the disease process, as well as a person’s constitution, according to the methods and tradition of Chinese medicine. Acupuncture is a safe procedure and is generally free from discomfort or pain. Patients may or may not be able to feel the needles as they are go in. Once the needles have are in, the patient is allowed to rest for about half an hour. Many people feel relaxed enough to fall asleep during thier treatments.

At Whole Family Acupuncture Clinic special care is taken to insure that patients feel comfortable, safe and relaxed about their treatment. Needles used are very unlike the hypodermic needles most of us are used to. They are much thinner and are designed to penetrate quickly and comfortably.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbs offer internal support for healing from a wide array of conditions. They are generally used in formulas, rather than individually. Most frequently they will be dispensed in pill, tablet, or capsule form, though custom made formulas that are prepared as decoctions are also sometimes used. As part of the treatment process it is always neccessary to make a complete Chinese medical assessment in order to recommend Chinese herbal medicine. This differs from, and is not a replacement for, a standard (Western) medical diagnosis. Each formula is specific to the patients condition and as the patterns manifesting in the patient change, the formulas will change as well.


Moxibustion, or moxa, is a traditional Chinese medicine technique which involves the burning of mugwort, (Artemisia Vulgaris) to apply heat to specific acupuncture points. It is used to treat certain debilitating conditions as well as arthritis and pain. Moxa is used indirectly in my clinic, either through the use of moxa-rollers or moxa tools. Patients enjoy a warm, soothing sensation. The heat is closely monitored and is not applied close enough to burn or cause discomfort. As with acupuncture, the goal of treatment is to strengthen the blood, stimulate the flow of Qi and Blood, and maintain overall health.


The ancient art of cupping has been used by healers and lay people in many different cultures. Cupping is a suction technique designed to pull toxins built up in the deeper tissues to surface of the skin. Once at the surface they are more easily cleared from the body. Cupping also pulls fresh blood into the treated areas to help vitalize and restore proper flow of Blood and Qi. This technique greatly enhances acupuncture treatment and the healing process can frequently be shortened by weeks or even months.

Medical Massage

In my practice, I sometimes use Asian and Euopean massage techniques including Tui-na, acupressure, myofascial and trigger point release to support the treatment of musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction as well as to promote relaxation. When it will benefit a specific condition, massage is applied to the local area, along with a salve or liniment. Treatment usually lasts 5-10 minutes and is in conduction with other treatment methods.

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